Dwell Orphan Care is partnering with local businesses to help us accomplish our mission of supporting local foster and adoptive families so that children have a safe, loving, forever home in which to dwell.



Gold filled: $38

Sterling silver: $36

Dwell Orphan Care is so grateful to partner with Jennifer Engel Designs and bring you the Dwell Necklace. 20% of every order will go to support Dwell Orphan Care’s mission!

The symbol for adoption is a triangle with a heart interwoven. The triangle represents the forever connection between the adoptive triad of birth family, adoptive family and child. The heart weaves throughout. The “open circle” cradling the closed circle represents foster care. We see it is a family cradling and loving a child for as long as it takes. The circle is left open, not closed, because foster care is temporary. We wanted to combine these symbols to represent the care of Orphans and Vulnerable Children as we understand it at Dwell.